The Mickey Riley Foundation

A foundation that honors our friend, father, teammate, and son, Mickey Riley, who passed away in 2011 from ALS.

What We Do

Inspired to keep his spirit alive, some of Mickey’s closest friends founded the Mickey Riley Foundation in 2011. The foundation hosts a popular summer golf tournament and the American Legion baseball program’s iconic 4th of July tournament. Each year, the foundation grants two $5,000 scholarships to student-athletes from Corvallis and Crescent Valley High School. As the foundation grows it will now grant assistance to families living with ALS and ALS research. The foundation has been now operating over 10 years and has raised over $100,000 in scholarships.

Who We Honor

Mickey Riley was born on Aug. 8, 1960, in McMinnville, and grew up in Corvallis. He was a star basketball and baseball athlete in high school, and went on to play baseball at Oregon State University and professionally in Australia for the Perth Heat. Throughout his adult life, he was a coach, athletic director, and teacher. Most of all, he was a loving father to his four children. After Mickey was diagnosed with ALS in 2005, he channeled his energy into his children and developed a passion for golf, art, and long philosophical conversations. Although fiercely competitive, Mickey had an easygoing spirit and an incredible ability to find the humor and good in everything and everyone. He effortlessly worked to make everyone around him feel special, and for this, he was a mentor and hero to many. Mickey James Riley passed away in 2011, in Corvallis at the age of 51.We take relief knowing that Mickey is smiling wide upstairs, probably on the golf course, and finally hitting the long ball.

Who We Are

Mickey’s friends and family developed deep comradery through playing sports and supporting Mickey with his battle with ALS. They created the foundation in an effort to pass along the positivity that was found in such a difficult time. All are teammates, friends, or family members of Mickey’s and work tirelessly to build his legacy by creating positive change.

Board of Directors: Jon McHenry, Allen Snelling, Jim Wilson, Bill Heck, Tim Tubb, Brooke Knight, Skyler Riley
Tournament Director: Hogan Arey

Scholarship Recipients

Here are a few of the impressive recipients of the MRF Scholarship. 

Matherin Langley
2013 Scholarship Recipient
A football and basketball player at Corvallis High School, graduated from Western Oregon with a degree in computer science.

Adrienne Johnson
2015 Scholarship Recipient
A golf and volleyball athlete from Crescent Valley, who now attends Oregon State University.

Bradley Taylor
2013 Scholarship Recipient
A football player at Crescent Valley, recently graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Civil Engineering. 

Elisia Harder
2016 Scholarship Recipient
A volleyball and basketball player from Crescent Valley, currently attending Linfield College.


We make sure to have fun while raising money and supporting an important cause!